Who I am and Why I do this........

I have been involved in model railways for over 30 years, with my passion being building or making things.

I first started out building a number of buildings for my HO layout, before moving into N scale in around 1994

I love to recycle items and turn them into new models that I can use on my home layout. I have made buildings, loads, and scenery items from scrap found around the yard. For example:- tree seed pods can make very realistic ornamental trees; or electrical cable ties can be used for steps, or fences; twigs from the garden make ideal log stacks.

Now I have turned my attention to rare and not easily found pieces for others to enjoy.

I create custom made items for N scale railway modelling.

By moulding & casting, by 3D prototype printing or by scratchbuilding, things are made to enhance the railway layout.

I have an ever expanding range of items available to enhance your railway, from scenery and detail items, rolling stock through to freight car loads, buildings, and vehicles (including caravans & trailers).

There is surely something you could use.

If you have something you are particularly keen on, and you cannot find one then contact me and I will see what can be done about making it for you.

For some ideas on saving money by making some scenery detail items, check out my cost effective ideas web site on https://recyclerailwayscenery.webs.com